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Terms & Conditions

Lessor: “Road Assistance” LLC under the trading name of Local Cars


Renter: An individual/company temporarily owning and using the Lessor’s vehicle by the Lease Contract who is at least 20 years old and has a minimum of 1 year of driving experience. Must present a valid driving license, passport, and credit card. International driving licenses are required only if the national driving licenses are not written in Latin letters.


Renter’s Obligations

Pay the rental fee to the Lessor within the stipulated period and all other sums payable under these conditions. Return the car to the Lessor and sign the Act within 2 hours, in case of termination of the contract. Promptly notify the Lessor of all defects, failures, technical and/or circumstances preventing the operation and use of the car. Not drive, use or operate the car under the effect of alcohol, psychotropic drugs or substances. Promptly notify the Lessor of technical defects detected without moving the vehicle. Immediately notify the Lessor and the police of any accident, as well as the loss of the car or any of its components and support in preparing protocols and proper references in the manner prescribed by law and hand them to the Lessor.


Renter’s Obligations

The Lessor undertakes to replace the car with another vehicle if the car has defects that are not fit for use or its further use may be the reason for the defect. Provide the Lessee with all the documents required for the operation and use of the car.


Rental and Other Fees

The Lessee undertakes to pay the fee (hereinafter referred to as “Rental fee”) in the amount stipulated by the contract for the use of the car. The deposited amount may be provided to the Lessor via a bank card or by transfer to the Lessor’s bank account. The deposit shall be frozen from the card. After the accomplishment of all the liabilities before the Lessor by the Lessee, the deposited cash shall be returned in full or in part (the deposit amount will be unblocked within 14-21 days after the vehicle return). If the amount of the Lessee’s liabilities exceeds the deposited amount, then the Lessor shall be entitled to use the deposited cash in full for the fulfillment of the Lessee’s obligations and require the Lessee to pay the amount of obligations unsecured by the deposited amount. The amount of the deposit is 100.000AMD. If the guilty party of the insurance accident is the Lessee (the guilty party is missing or cannot be identified), then the Lessee shall reimburse the Lessor in the amount of the maximum deposited sum. You can lose the entire amount of the deposit in case of violation of the contract.



Local Cars offers 2 types of insurance: standard insurance and full insurance.

The standard insurance package - an amount of 100,000 AMD is required as a deposit. This package includes third-party liability, TP (theft protection), and CDW (Collision damage waiver). The deposit is the amount of maximum liability and presents the maximum risk/liability of the tenant. The deposit amount is returned to the lessor if he/she returns the rented car completely the way it was at the moment of pick-up, otherwise, the Lessee has the right to charge from the deposit amount the cost of the damage repair.

A full insurance package can be purchased by paying an additional 8000 AMD per day (maximum 56.000 AMD for 7 days even if the rental agreement is more than 7 days). The extra fee for full insurance is non-refundable. This package includes standard insurance details and covers all the visual damages, removing any responsibility of the lessor if he/she is an authorized driver and is not under the influence of alcohol and drugs. A deposit amount of 100,000 AMD is required in case of full insurance.

Both insurance types are valid in the territories of Armenia and Georgia.


Payment terms

International and Armenian credit cards such as ARCA, MasterCard, Visa and American Express are accepted as well as payment by cash. The deposit amount must be preauthorized from a credit card and is automatically returned to the lessor’s bank account within 3 weeks. Deposits by cash are not accepted. Free cancellation is possible up to 24 hours before the pick-up time of the car.

Below are the amounts and cases of paying fines and penalties to the Lessor by the Lessee:

1. Penalty for each missing liter in case of returning the car partially-filled: 800 AMD

2. Penalty for overdue returning car between 2nd and 3rd hours: 15.000 AMD 

3. Expiry of the period between 3rd and 24 hours: full-day rental amount and extras will be charged.

4. Penalty up to all deposit in case of loss of some part of the car, if it is necessary to deliver the spare key by the fault of the client a fine in the amount of the deposit may be applied.

Below are the additional fees and their amounts payable by the Lessee to the Lessor:

5. Delivery of the car outside Lessor’s office in the territory of Yerevan 5000AMD, outside of Yerevan: 250AMD per km. Delivery to the Armenia Zvartnots Airport area: 5000 AMD. Delivery and/or acceptance of car between working days and/or hours: 5000 AMD


Extra Services

Additional driver:  3000 AMD but the max for 7 days (21.000 AMD)

Baby car seat: 4000 AMD but the max for 7 days (28.000 AMD)

Full insurance: 8000 AMD but the max for 7 days (56.000 AMD)

Wi-Fi device: 3000 AMD but the max for 7 days (21.000 AMD)

Cross-border fee with Georgia: 30.000AMD (doesn’t include Georgian mandatory insurance).


Off-road driving is prohibited and there is a fine equal to the deposit.


All agreement-related disputes and controversies between the parties shall be settled by mutual agreement. Disputes that failed to be settled by mutual agreement will be settled under the existing legislation of the Republic of Armenia.


By signing a rental agreement with “Local Cars” a lessee accepts all terms and conditions written here and on the backside of the rental agreement.